Deseret Industria

Deseret (En) – Proposed as a name for the U.S. state of Utah. Brigham Young—governor of Utah Territory from 1850 to 1858 and president of the LDS Church from 1847 to 1877—favored the name as a symbol of industry.

Industria (Sp) – Economic and technical activity that consists of transforming the raw materials until turning them into suitable products to satisfy the needs of man.

Pioneers traveled on foot for months to find a place where they could live off the land and create a new society. They ended up in the Beehive State which is named for the industrious nature of its inhabitants and the rich resources of its land. Over the years, this industrious nature has lent itself to a large extraction industry with a lot of control over policies. These policies directly affect the livelihoods of everyone who calls Utah home. Our health, land, and jobs are all so closely tied to our extraction industry. Deseret Industria is a study of the policies, people, and places that make up the modern state of Utah.