Some Updates

Last November I deleted my social media accounts for a variety of reasons. This has been a healthy change for me, and as an attempt to keep my friends updated, I'll share some things here. I'm wrapping up my AmeriCorps service term in Green River soon. Here's what I've been doing: Epicenter-Assisting in the design... Continue Reading →


I don't know what the new normal will be, but I know it's time for me to listen, learn, and un-learn. I am taking the time to understand Intersectional Environmentalism, and slowing down my making practice until it is my time to speak again. Flats was produced at the beginning of the pandemic, and is... Continue Reading →

Response & Responsibility

Response & Responsibility is a collaborative performance, sculpture, and series of inkjet prints which document the burning of a barbed-wire wrapped dining set. This project was done in a large natural burn scar in Central Utah using discarded barbed wire with my partner Alec Bang. A response to the conversation of land use in the... Continue Reading →

Inland Sea

I have lived within a 15 minute drive of the Great Salt Lake for most of my life. To many, the lake is dead, stinky, wasteland full of insects and mud. To some, it's a source of income through mineral extraction, out of sight and out of mind from laws and regulations. To the Nɨwɨ... Continue Reading →

Wind River High Route

In September 2017, Sam Parks and I took a shot at the a high traverse of the Wind River Mountains. With 200% of the normal snowpack for the time of year, we were in for quite a surprise with the amount of ice and snow we'd encounter. Upon arriving in Lander, Wyoming we were able... Continue Reading →

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