Bonneville Assessment #1

Bonneville Assessments; a re-constructed collection of documents, detritus, and sediment from hazardous industrial sites in the Bonneville Basin. The Bonneville Basin is a large endochronic basin which exemplifies geological time on a massive scale. Humans have inhabited the area for about 13,000 years, but just recently in the last 100 years it has become a... Continue Reading →

Deseret Industria

Deseret Industria is a deep dive into the conversation on land use in Utah. A 1,500 mile bicycle trip around Utah helped me see Utah's nooks and crannies at a digestible speed. The end result is a series of 35mm Silver Gelatin prints and a short film about the trip.  The territory of Deseret is... Continue Reading →

Pedal to Pow

  An endless snake of brake lights inches forward along Wasatch Boulevard any winter morning. The inhabitants of each automobile daydreaming of first tracks down Great Scott or setting the booter up Superior. This sect of Utah's population also contains many passionate people fighting to protect what is left of a waning snowpack. Kind of... Continue Reading →

God, Dam It

God, Dam It is a series of cyanotype imagery on topo map and found plywood. The series was installed in a stairwell, with different pieces visible on each floor. Water is dammed, diverted, ditched, and drained out of its natural path throughout the west. This series replicates and comments on the effects of the changes... Continue Reading →

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