Some Updates

Last November I deleted my social media accounts for a variety of reasons. This has been a healthy change for me, and as an attempt to keep my friends updated, I’ll share some things here.

I’m wrapping up my AmeriCorps service term in Green River soon. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

-Assisting in the design and construction of a new town park, along with a playscape sculpture within that park
-Teaching Digital Media Arts at Green River High School culminating in an exhibit at John Wesley Powell River History Museum
-Assisting John Wesley Powell River History Museum with programming, curation, and exhibition set-up
-Working with artists and print shops on fund-raising merchandise

Green River PACT
-Facilitating place-specific science and art classes with Pyramid Youth Programs
-Working in the town thrift store
-Cleaning and maintaining affordable housing units

Cyanotype done with Pyramid Youth Programs

I have some exhibitions and a magazine feature coming up:

Collaborative Exhibition with Alec Bang
Finch Lane Gallery; June 25 – August 6

Flights of Fancy
Southwest Contemporary Vol. 2; Summer 2021

The New Beehive
Chase Home Museum; Summer 2021

Our Valley Speaks
Granary Arts; Summer 2021

Submission for Flights of Fancy

This August I start the University of Utah’s MFA program with an emphasis in Sculpture Intermedia. I am the first art student to receive the Global Change and Sustainability Center’s First Year Fellowship, which provides an amazing opportunity to study full time and work with an interdisciplinary group of environmental stewards.

Over the next couple months, I’ll be moving into my truck to save some money, using BLM land south of Green River as a home base until the move. Once I move my belongings up to Salt Lake, I plan to take the Amtrak back to Green River and begin a self-supported trip on foot to my new home near the University of Utah.

Green River is an incredible home for someone who enjoys learning about a place by moving through it. I’ve spent a lot of time running the dirt roads south of town, ski-toured in the La Sal and Henry Mountains, rock climbed on the San Rafael Reef, done some technical canyoneering in canyons south of town, paddled sections of the Green, San Juan, and Colorado Rivers, and bikepacked the Grand Staircase and Cathedral Valley loops.

Skiing Mt. Ellen with Canyonlands in the background
A heat map of some of the human-powered adventures I’ve had around Green River this year

Finally, a touch on a personal note for those of you who have made it this far. Last summer, I realized I’d never truly questioned my relationship with masculinity or gender, and began requesting people use neutral pronouns with me as I began doing so. This is certainly a conversation for in-person (feel free to ask!) but after about 8 months of personal work, I have come to the conclusion that I am indeed a man. For a while I flip flopped on preferred pronouns, and maintained a masculine appearance which caused some confusion (especially in a rural setting). My preferred pronouns are he/him/his, but I will never mind the use of neutral pronouns in any situation.

Thanks for making it this far, keep in touch!


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