Though I typically present and act more masculine, I find my internal self much closer to the center than either edge of the gender spectrum. About 6 months ago I made the decision to introduce myself with neutral pronouns (they/them/y’all) to people I meet. Just one month later I moved to Green River, Utah, a small rural community where most of the population understands gender as a binary trait assigned at birth, and pronouns as just something you learn in English class. At the same time I began to find judgement from urban progressives for not looking queer enough to be non-binary. This all has been a challenge for me, and Script is a very candid, personal response to the situation I find myself working through.

The work is both performative and sculptural. Wrapping myself in rusty wire found on-site until I could no longer move felt like the paralysis caused by expectations of others. When the wire was pulled off, it looked like illegible script, spelling something different from each angle.

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