Bonneville Assessment #3

Bonneville Assessment #3

Bonneville Assessments; a re-constructed collection of documents, detritus, and sediment from hazardous industrial sites in the Bonneville Basin. Number 3 in the series is paired with the short story Bonneville.


Humans have inhabited the land surrounding the Great Salt Lake for over 10,000 years. Over the last few centuries, settlers have displaced and killed most of the indigenous inhabitants of this land, leaving the empty basins a cheap home for large industrial facilities; out-of-site and out-of-mind to inhabitants living downwind. Having witnessed the health effects of this industrial colonization on friends, family, and ecosystem, I have a vested interest in regulation and reclamation of these sites. 


The third assessment in this series focuses on the effects of Utah’s vast network of military testing ranges on public health. A welded sheet of maps, articles, and images sourced from the Utah Historical Society and University of Utah extends from 8 feet in the air down to a pile of dirt, ammunition shells, and bones sourced from land within and adjacent to the Bonneville Basin’s military testing ranges. Overlayed on the canonical, historical elements are red, typewritten headlines which bring attention to the darker reality of these contested spaces. 

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