Non-Site Assessment #1

The Bonneville Basin is a large endochronic basin which exemplifies geological time on a massive scale. Humans have inhabited the area for about 13,000 years, but just recently in the last 100 years it has become a home to many large extraction, incineration, and military testing facilities. The vast, flat basins of this area became... Continue Reading →

Response & Responsibility

Response & Responsibility is a collaborative performance, sculpture, and series of inkjet prints which document the burning of a barbed-wire wrapped dining set. This project was done in a large natural burn scar in Central Utah using discarded barbed wire with my partner Alec Bang. A response to the conversation of land use in the... Continue Reading →

Our Inland Sea

I have lived within a 15 minute drive of the Great Salt Lake for my entire life. To many, the lake is dead, stinky, wasteland full of insects and mud. To some, it's a source of income through mineral extraction, out of sight and out of mind from laws and regulations. To the Nɨwɨ (Goshute)... Continue Reading →

Screen Time

  As I prepare to type this artist statement on my big screen, I notice I have already checked my little screen 3 times with no logical reason. I estimate that by age 25, I will have spent a full year of my life staring at screens for entertainment, work, background noise, and a quick... Continue Reading →

Deseret Industria

Deseret Industria is a deep dive into the conversation on land use in Utah. A 1,500 mile bicycle trip around Utah helped me see the Utah's nooks and crannies at a digestible speed. The end result is a series of 35mm Silver Gelatin prints and a short film about the trip.  The territory of Deseret... Continue Reading →

Pedal to Pow

  An endless snake of brake lights inches forward along Wasatch Boulevard any winter morning. The inhabitants of each automobile daydreaming of first tracks down Great Scott or setting the booter up Superior. This sect of Utah's population also contains many passionate people fighting to protect what is left of a waning snowpack. Kind of... Continue Reading →

Touring the Utah Desert on $800 Bikes

The distant Caineville Mesa inched closer with each pedal, textured grey ridges marching down the horizon like elephants in migration. My companion Ian and I had set out for a week of experiencing Utah's public land on our bikes, and we were topping the first small climb of day 1. Ian and I had both spent... Continue Reading →

Bike-to-Ski: Deseret Peak

A few hops, a skip, and 50 miles west of Salt Lake lies the alpine island known as Deseret Peak. Surrounded by 360 degrees of salt flats, military bases, and hazardous waste disposal facilities, this wilderness haven holds an ecosystem unique to only itself. If you look closely enough from Interstate 80, 2 tall snowy... Continue Reading →

Wind River High Route

In September 2017, Sam Parks and I took a shot at the a high traverse of the Wind River Mountains. With 200% of the normal snowpack for the time of year, we were in for quite a surprise with the amount of ice and snow we'd encounter. Upon arriving in Lander, Wyoming we were able... Continue Reading →

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